kingscrown Properties Group

If you are looking for a beautiful home to rent or buy, the savings Kingscrown Properties Ltd make on buying their residential property at the right price enables potential clients whether renting or buying to also pay a sensible price. The properties currently held in the property portfolio, range from magnificent stately houses that have been expertly divided to provide exquisite homes of a more manageable size to comfortable, well equipped, secure student accommodation that any single person would be happy to occupy.


If you are looking for a property to either rent or buy please contact us and our team will strive to meet your needs. If you would like to make a payment. Please make sure you reference your payment with the property address.

Kingscrown Properties Ltd have the research resources as well as the financial acumen to be able to buy and develop residential property and land at competitive prices. The most important criteria our buying team stipulate when purchasing above all else is quality. The team are constantly on the look out for beautiful homes either as they are, or something to renovate to bring up to the high quality standard demanded by the Kingscrown Group. When a potential development gem is unearthed then the specialist architects, builders and artisan crafts people are brought in to bring it to life.
Take a look at the gallery page which showcases a select few of these commercial properties.


  • Vacating Rental Property Check List

    In order for us to give your full deposit back as quickly as possible when you vacate the apartment please make sure you have done the following:

    • Thorough clean of the property – needs to be sparkling
    • Thorough clean of the inside of the oven, hob, fridge, freezer and all appliances fridge and freezer both must be emptied
    • All cupboards should be emptied and cleaned throughout.
    • All floorings and carpets throughout the property should have been shampooed and professionally cleaned.
    • The bathroom should be professionally cleaned and any areas of silicone that have turned black will need to be renewed or cleaned if possible. In most cases the silicone is simply renewed.
    • Any wall marks need to be touched up and if you hanged paintings or any walls which you have painted or changed should be put back to the way they were when you moved in.
    • Please provide us with your sort code and account number, forwarding address and if you received a deposit repayment id number.
    • Please take all relevant meter readings and contact all providers to cancel your supplies and tell the council your vacating date and forwarding address.
    • Please hand keys into the required agent on the vacating date, failure to hand keys on this day will cause you to forfeit the daily rental amount from your deposit.

    Failure to hand the property back in a good standard of cleanliness we will be forced to instruct our own professional contractors and the costs will be deducted from your deposit.


Living away from home possibly for the first time in a young person’s life, especially if you are from overseas can be quite a daunting prospect. Kingscrown Properties understand this very well as most of the people that are involved with the company either have been students themselves or have children who attend universities away from home. Kingcrown Properties Ltd wants you as a student or the parent of a student to feel that your accommodation needs will not only be met but will be surpassed when you rent one of our properties.

It is reassuring to know that the Kingscrown Property student accommodation either you or your child will be living in will have comfortable living areas, be suitable for study, and situated within a social group and located by the college or university you are attending. All the student accommodation on offer has been specially designed by renowned architects and furnished with the needs of students in mind.

Kingscrown Properties Ltd are very aware that safety of a student living away from home is so very important so all properties are designed with security in mind and Kingscrown Properties Ltd has this as a major priority in their design brief. Locations have been carefully chosen too, nobody wants to be too far away from social facilities. Social interaction and forming new relationships is all part of the growing up process students look for as much as learning.

If you have student accommodation needs near a specific university or college please Contact Us preferably by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.